Filial Coaching

Filial Play: Strengthening the Parent-Child relationship.

Filial Play Coaching and Mentoring empowers parents to become the agent of change in their children’s behaviour. The therapist works directly with the parent/carers to enable them to conduct special non-directive play sessions with their child as part of a process that can strengthen the parent-child relationship. Parents learn skills to relate to their child’s behaviours in a different way; a more accepting, empathic response that can be also used to enrich everyday parenting skills.

Parent learns 4 key skills relating to their Child’s behaviour

  • Boundaries – Tools for parents to help them establish boundaries with their child.
  • Focusing (on the child) – Parents learn how to give their child their undivided attention and to see the world through the eyes of their child.
  • Reflecting – The parents learn to track, reflect content and reflect emotions.
  • Predictability / Consistency – Learning as a parent the following fundamentals:

I am here’. ‘I hear/see you’. ‘I understand’. ‘I care’.

The Structure of the Filial Programme

An initial assessment of the child’s strengths and difficulties is carried out. The parent’s commitment to the programme is also assessed. Further aspects include: feedback to the parent, coaching sessions, skills mastery, post programme follow-up and the creation of a parent support group if desired.

Once parents have mastered the skills of Filial Play with the therapist they are able to continue using ‘special play time’ with their children for as long as they wish. The benefits can continue long after the work with the therapist is complete.

Parents learn some of the same skills that Play Therapist use

Filial Play teaches parents how to use some of the same skills that play therapists use to help their own children experiencing social, emotional, or behavioural problems. It has resulted in positive changes in children’s behaviour, increased self-esteem and enhanced emotional health. On completion of the course parents become more confident and empathetic in their parenting skills.