Dance & Movement

‘We are all dancers even in moments of stillness’.
Fidelma Twomey (1995) ‘The Learning Wheel’

Dance and Movement Workshops
Moving through the ‘Wheel of Emotions’

‘Moving through the Wheel of Emotions’ is a series of two day workshops to give time to exploring the physical nature of core emotions: how this is in our bodies, in our hearts and in our minds. These workshops are an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of our own emotions as well as identifying the emotions that others are experiencing and expressing.

Fidelma invites you to awaken the ‘motion of emotions’ by translating ideas, feelings and actions into movement using a range of stimuli and choreographic skills.

The first workshop will give participants an opportunity to experience ‘Joy’ and ‘Sadness’ through dance and movement in a process of hearing with an inner ear and a seeing with an inner eye: feeling, thinking and doing.

Each 2 day workshop carries 14 CPD points accredited by The Academy of Play and Child Psychotherapy (APAC). 8 core emotions will be explored throughout the series of 4 workshops encompassing: joy/sadness, anger/fear, trust/disgust, anticipation and surprise. The work is based on Rudolf Laban’s Movement theory focusing on concepts such as ‘body’, ‘spatial awareness’ and the value of ‘effort’ in giving expression to movement. These aspects of Laban’s vocabulary will be embedded in working with ‘relationships’ and ‘dance making’.

It is envisaged that this framework will help to bring clarity to emotions, which can sometimes feel mysterious and overwhelming. You will be invited to awaken your sense of the core emotions by creating dances using elements of Laban’s dimensional scale, with its natural affinities of rising/sinking, opening/closing, advancing and retreating.

These workshops are suitable for anyone who is willing to give value to dance as a vehicle for physical expression and communication and no previous knowledge of Laban’s Movement Analysis is necessary.

Fidelma hopes to offer an enjoyable and meaningful experience of dance to all participants.

Working in a Therapeutic setting

In addition to exploring aspects of Rudolf Laban’s Movement vocabulary participants will have an opportunity of seeing how these movement explorations relate to working with clients. The workshop will enable participants to become skilled in movement observation thereby making the connections between a client’s movement and his or her emotions. Therapists will also develop the ability to follow the client’s change or transformation through movement analysis. In addition, movement tools used in these workshops can be adapted for more directive / exploratory work in individual and group therapy.

Artistic Profile:

Fidelma Twomey is a Community Dance Artist, Choreographer and Dance Facilitator. Her mission statement reads as follows: ‘We are all dancers even in moments of stillness’.

She currently works as an Accredited Play Therapist, Clinical Supervisor, Filial Play Coach, Creative Arts Counsellor of Children and Young People and APAC Course Director for Certificate and Diploma levels. Fidelma delivered training to Course Directors at the 2015 Play Therapy UK Conference and subsequently revised the APAC Movement module now taught at Certificate level.

She has over 25 years’ experience in the delivery of experiential training programmes. Her Artistic Portfolio Includes: Personal Performances in Berlin, Italy, Spain, Ireland; Choreographer of Issue Based Work and Co-ordinator of Public Dance Celebrations. Fidelma graduated as a Laban Community Dance Leader in 1995.