Coaching for Parents

Learn to connect with your child on a level deeper than you ever imagined possible. Become the instrument of change for you and your child…


Learn how using play and non-directive methods, can empower you and your child to connect on a level deeper than you ever imagined possible. Join me on a journey of self-discovery which can gently lead you to become the agent of change in your family.

Learning to Play Again

Imagine awakening your own playfulness through fun, fantasy and adventure. Reclaim meaningful communication and exciting engagement with your child by creating an emotional container using play therapy techniques.

Play Techniques

As your coach, I will enable you to conduct special non-directive play sessions and relate to your child’s behaviours in a different way: a more accepting and relaxed response that can be also used to enrich everyday parenting skills.


Changes in Child and in Parent

You, like many parents, can experience change within yourself first which in turn, will have a positive effect on your child’s behaviour and ability to self-regulate. By acknowledging challenges in the parent child relationship, you can begin addressing some of the difficulties your child has experienced within the family, with other siblings and with friends and peers outside the home.

Systemic Perspectives on Family

This approach also allows you to see yourself as part of your wider family system revealing where your own parenting skills and patterns may have come from. These insights can give you a clearer understanding of the family components that are influencing your responses to your child and can furthermore indicate the changes you might like to make in the future.

Use Play Therapy tools to strengthen the parent-child relationship

play therapy tools

Coaching Schedule for the Parent:

  • One or both work with me online for 1 hour per week
  • A commitment of a daily, 10-minute play session with your child (Five days a week).
  • Practical skills development using art, clay, sand, music, rhythm, movement, breathing, relaxation, creative visualisation and story-telling exercises
  • We co-create tailor-made programmes together shaped by your weekly feedback during our coaching sessions
  • Skills mastery through practice using experiential learning techniques
  • Post programme follow-up if desired.

Skills Acquisition:

Boundaries Tools to help establish boundaries with your child.

Focusing Learn how to give your child your undivided attention and to see the world through their eyes.

Reflecting Discover how to track the play content and reflect emotions.

Predictability & Consistency ‘I am here’, ‘I see you’, ‘I hear you’, ‘I understand’, ‘I care’.


  • A newly discovered consistency in parenting style
  • More insight into your own responses as a parent
  • More attuned ways of listening, hearing and seeing your child
  • Fun, joy and enriched trust in your relationships
  • Rekindled love and harmony among the entire family

Allow your child lead the way: by learning to play you begin to use the language of your child

child language

Comments from Parents

I didn’t realise how effective this way of working Is’

I’m learning to say things in his words’

Sometimes you just can’t fix things; you just have to stand back and allow the child to work it out for themselves’

You are an avenue for their expression’

He is more engaged and more focused in his activities’

I hope it continues’

She can talk about her anxiety now’

Improved interaction with her peers and improved confidence’

We are much more comfortable together and she is not so fearful in new situations any more’

It’s a lot of work initially but has huge benefits’

I didn’t know that I had the skills that I found within myself’

There is more work and time commitment but you reap the benefits quicker’

She still has her moments but the bad times are not as long now’

She is engaging with her sister much better now and playing alone for much longer’

I have changed; I am learning how to respond in a better way’

I am much more consistent in my responses’

Parents learn some of the same skills that Play Therapists use

parenting skills

Creative Parent Coaching shows parents how to adapt some of the same skills that play therapists use working with their own children experiencing social, emotional, or behavioural problems. This approach has resulted in positive changes in children’s behaviour, increased self-esteem and enhanced emotional health. On completion of the course parents become more confident in their parenting skills. Parents have discovered connections with their children far deeper and quicker than they ever imagined. Once skills have been mastered you can integrate them into family life and the benefits will continue long after the work with the coach is complete.

The change is within you.