Coaching for Parents

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Working individually (or even better with your partner) using a tailor-made programme to suit your own family?


Working in a more general group setting where you can avail of peer learning opportunities?

Individual Parent Programme: Playful Connections

A 6-week Coaching Programme for Parents

Come play with me! Master safe & simple tools that blend Play Therapy Principles with Filial Play Coaching.

Given the appropriate atmosphere all people are capable of solving their own problems.

Treasure Trail

I am inviting you to go on a Treasure Trail with your child or with your children. Discover the wonder of your journey together; how it takes you to secure and loving family relationships.

There will be many stops along the trail and one which sets this programme aside from other parenting courses is that you begin by identifying some of your usual responses to your child, so that you can understand where your own patterns originate.

You will also explore the difference between meeting your child’s needs as opposed to trying to change their behaviour.

Another stop along the trail enables you to look deeper at the underlying emotions that are causing your child’s behaviour thereby assisting them to make sense of their own feelings. The play kit (toys, sand, water, clay, colours, puppets, music etc.) will be one of your main tools in applying child-focused, reflective techniques used in play therapy.

The final leg of the journey leads to the child’s mastery of their own emotions which will be the basis for forming secure and lasting relationships.


Unit 1 Getting Started

You will have an opportunity look at your immediate family patterns as part of a larger set of systems such as your families of origin where you may see hidden aspects of previous generations or excluded components of the families that could be impacting on you or your children at the present moment. You will also cover all the necessary tools and materials needed to set-up a play space to carry out short but frequent play sessions with your child during the 6-week period. Many parents continue this valuable treasure time playing with their child, long after the work with me has finished.

Unit 2 Reflecting & Focusing

Parents explore helping their child learn the language of emotions by mirroring or reflecting back to them what the parent believes they are feeling. By mastering skills on how to be present to oneself you will learn how to ‘Be There’ and focus on your child at all times during the play. This will create a trusting sense of security and safety for your child.

Unit 3 Permission to play

Permissiveness refers to the parent giving the child permission to express whatever they are thinking and feeling at the moment in the play space. As a parent you will learn how to maintain an accepting tone and behave in a non-judgemental way. Non-directive skills will be practiced using various creative media in your newly found toolkit such as clay, art, music, sand, puppets etc. Holding a genuine interest in the child’s play will be encouraged at all times.

Unit 4 Parenting Styles

Parents already have a wealth of knowledge and intuitive experience in the field of parenting and by applying self-reflective techniques you can observe your own parenting styles objectively giving you room to tap into your own gifts and re-discover what you already know but may have forgotten that you know it.

Unit 5 Consistency & Predictability

Practically every parent, who has completed the course, agrees that being consistent keeping to a set play-time is the single most challenging aspect of this programme. Hard to believe but very understandable in today’s busy life style. As your coach I will endeavour to support your planning and encourage your consistency which invariably extends to all aspects of the parenting relationship. This gives a safe message to your child.

Unit 6 Limit setting

Limits help your child to know that, as a parent, you will maintain an atmosphere of safety in the play space especially when children feel out of control of their own feelings. When you child fosters an awareness of limits, they learn that they are responsible for their own behaviour and in turn develop internal controls. When you learn to set-limits and keep them you provide your child with opportunities of self-control and self-responsibility.

As your coach, and having trained over 500 Play Therapists in the past 8 years, I will endeavour to facilitate your exploratory journey by being sensitive to your needs as a parent and by responding empathically to your concerns.

This programme helps you learn to foster confidence in your child’s ability to get to where they need to get, no matter how long it takes. You will be empowered to do this by giving your child all the time they need to learn about themselves and practice mastery of their feelings and behaviour. Learning through play results in increased self-esteem and, as a parent, you will develop a belief in your children’s ability to solve their own problems if given the appropriate play atmosphere.


Complete 6-unit package includes:

· Online 60-minute coaching sessions

· One-to-one and tailor made for you

· Self-paced programme – You decide but weekly is highly recommended

· Online workbooks & videos customised to suit your needs

· Follow-up support as desired

· Cost: €360 + Plus bonus

· Bonus: Free ticket to a Family Consultation Workshop valued at €60 when you sign up for the 6-Unit package

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Group Parent Programme: Circle of Security Parenting

Circle of Security Co-founders: Kent Hoffman, Glen Cooper and Bert Powell have collaborated over the last two decades on the creation of The Circle of Security Parenting programme. It is a relationship-based programme whose goal is to promote secure attachments between infants and their caregivers, parents, foster carers, grandparents – anyone with a significant caregiving role in the child’s life

At times you may feel lost as a parent and wish that you could make sense of what your child is really asking from you.

As a registered Circle of Security Parenting Programme Facilitator, I offer an 8-week programme to parents or childcare providers which demonstrates how secure parent-child relationships can be supported and strengthened and how the elements of secure attachment can be understood by anyone.


The relationship between the parent and child is described as a ‘Circle’ in which stays consistently at the centre.


When an adult is observing the child’s behaviour in terms of needs, and is available as the ‘Bigger, Stronger, Wise and Kind hands’ at the centre, the child can explore with confidence and know that he or she can return for comfort, reassurance and joyful affirmation as needed.

The Circle of Security Parenting Programme will help you to:

· Understand your child’s emotional world by learning to read emotional needs

· Support your child’s ability to successfully manage emotions

· Enhance the development of your child’s self-esteem

· Honour your innate wisdom and desire for your child to be secure

One of the keys to engaging your wisdom is to reflect on the meaning of what you see on screen during the programme and how what you see makes you feel. The programme is packed with information about attachment and you are encouraged to see how attachment is connected to your own relationship history. The aim of the programme is to engage your wisdom as a parent by introducing the map of attachment and by reviewing interactions between you that illustrate how attachment needs are expressed (or sometimes hidden) by young children.

Circle of Security Parenting Programme uses an eight-chapter video-based series. Designed for parents, the programme works equally well for increasing childcare providers’ awareness of attachment. 8 x 90-minute sessions up to 8 participants.

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